Law and Political Science

An overview of the Faculty of Law and Political Science      

Law and Political Science is one of the most-used majors in today’s world. Afghanistan is in dire need of professional workforce in this field to fulfill its necessities. Kahkashan-e-Sharq, therefore, established Law and Political Science Faculty in 1391 (2012) as a step towards fulfilling vitally important affairs of the country. Kahkashan-e-Sharqs Law Faculty has two Departments: Political Science (Administrative Diplomacy) and Law (Judiciary and Prosecution). This Faculty has been operating according to the curriculum set by Afghan Ministry of Higher Education since it started its first semester in 1392 (2013) and has provided academic and practical programs to raise the students’ knowledge level.

Kahkashan-e-Sharqs Faculty of Law and Political Science executes the credit system with active method and on a student-centered basis making use of modern teaching experiences. Bachelor’s course of study entails 136 credits (units of study); whereas the same takes an average of four years in Institutes of Higher Educations in Afghanistan. Kahkashan-e-Sharqs Faculty of Law and Political Science has modern classes and facilities, computer laboratory equipped with high-speed Internet as well as an equipped library.  Professors and students of this Faculty have had the opportunity to participate in several practical training programs conducted in courts, offices of prosecution, justice department, prisons and various legal, judicial and prosecuting departments which helped them raise their knowledge and experience. Setting up simulating courts, parliaments and other various events, summarizing books and tens of other supplementary programs have always been on the agenda of this Faculty all of which have been expanding ever since.

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