Faculty of Economics

An overview of Economics and Management Faculty

Kahkashan-e-Sharqs Faculty of Economics and Management was granted license by the Ministry of Higher Education of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan simultaneously to the establishment of Kahkashan-e-Sharq itself in 1391 (2012).It began the new study year of 1392 (2013) by initially registering over 100 students which now -in the third year of its operation- has several students starting from freshmen up to sophomores and juniors. This faculty has- according to the high ideals of Kahkashan-e-Sharq - always tried to hire the most experienced professors in the fields of Economics and Management in order to provide quality service for its students among whom some of the most intelligent ones. In this faculty- besides theoretical lessons- efforts have been made to arrange for many fieldtrips in order to raise students’ capacities in their own areas of work in every semester. It is worth mentioning that the students of this Faculty account for the most number of interns in all Departments and Faculties of Kahkashan-e-Sharq. Faculty of Economics and Management -according to the laws of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Higher Education- absorbs students with Associate degrees from Institutes of Administration and Accounting to raise their capacities who will receive Bachelor’s degree after going through short-term courses.


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